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May 25, 2021 - 3 min read

What if I told you there are 3 champs in league that are seriously so imbalanced that it’s almost impossible to lose with them unless your teammates are actively griefing you? They exist, but they also require a lot of practice.

Combat in League

League is a game with a lot of variables, but I’ll try to keep it simple. The simplest I can put it is that to win a fight, you need to kill the enemy before you die (duh), but how do you do that?

There are a few ways to approach this in league, in most cases in professional play, you’ll see burst against burst, which in my opinion isn’t that interesting because it doesn’t really show a lot of skill, it just shows who landed their stuff first.

So you can burst, or you can poke the enemy to the point where if they go in, they’ll die really fast. That was a BIG thing over the years with only select champs like Nidalee (8 years ago), Varus, Jayce, Zoe, Ezreal.

One can argue that the way to counter it is hard engage that happens before you can poke, but you can just have 1-2 poke champs, and the rest can deal with disengaging / countering hard engage.

What if I tell you there are 3 champs that can do it all?

There are 3 champs that are just so imbalanced, that they can do it all: Artillery

Xerath, Ziggs, and Vel’Koz. They have (very) long range poke, short range burst, and crazy terrain control, and INSANE waveclear, even if your team is behind, they delay games by so long that sometimes your gold deficit doesn’t even matter. they play like season 3 Nidalee and don’t really get punished at all, it’s almost impossible to punish them, especially with good teammates. The biggest downside is how difficult they are to play, you need to aim/predict everything because everything’s a skillshot.

Playing against them is impossible, especially with the way professional teams draft right now.

Well, there has to be a catch, right?

Well… in solo queue, possibly. In coordinated play? Not really.

As I said before, the way to counter poke is with hard engage, and the best hard engage for this case is… Nocturne. But is he really that good against those 3? Yes and no.

Basically, in solo queue, you can’t really rely on your teammates to protect you from hard engage, or for them to draft well against it, so it is a little harder, but trust me, it’s still really obnoxious for the hard engage comp to play against poke if you position properly. If your team can protect you against a Nocturne, he won’t engage alone against you, so he’s not really the answer.

In coordinated play there’s no real excuse to lose with an artillery mage (unless your teammates are griefing you, of course) because you can pivot your draft in a way that lets you deal with hard engage - the only thing that beats artillery mages.

Damage-Example This is one ultimate hit from a level 16, 3 item Xerath that did not build Seraph’s embrace yet.


If you’re a good player, play those champs, you have no reason not to because they’re so giga busted, as long as you’re higher than diamond 2 - your teammates will be able to protect you when neeeded, but if you’re lower, you can stick to a champ that is easier to improve with like Annie or Orianna.


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